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USB Loaders allow you to rip your own discs to an external USB hard drive and then run them from there. This will minimise load times, generally improve performance and means you can switch which Wii game you want to play without leaving your couch.

We highly recommend Configurable USB Loader as it has the most features and the best customisability of the many USB Loaders available. Other loaders can be found here.
What you should install first

* Homebrew Channel
* IOS249
* Hermes\' IOS222/223

What you need

* SD Card
* USB Drive (you can also install to the SD card instead if you prefer)

What to download

* Configurable USB Loader v41 or later from this page.
o Configurable USB Loader releases come in two varieties, .zip and .dol. If the latest version is a .dol version, also download the latest \"release\" version from the same page which will always be a .zip.
o v56 .zip that defaults to WBFS drives can be downloaded directly from here.
o The v56c.dol which loads IOS249 first and uses WBFS1 as default partition can be downloaded directly from here.
o The v56c-222 .dol which loads IOS222 first and uses FAT1 as default partition can be downloaded directly from here.
o You don\'t have to pick the version based on your drive format, but the loader will start up a little faster by picking the right one. See the FAQ at the bottom of this page for more info on the differences.


* GAF themed sample config.txt and backgrounds found here.
o The GAF theme was last updated on 27th of July, 2009.

Installation procedure

1. Unzip the Configurable USB Loader .zip file and copy the contents of SDUSB-Loader_cfg##/inSDRoot to sd:/.
2. If you downloaded a .dol file as well, rename the file to boot.dol and replace sd:/apps/USBLoader/boot.dol with the renamed file.
3. If you want our suggested default setup, unzip GAFcfg.zip and copy the contents to sd:/, overwriting any files which already exist.
4. If you want to use a Hermes IOS instead of IOS249, add the line ios=222-mload to sd:/apps/USBLoader/config.txt.
* The later version of IOS249 implement most of the fixes of IOS222/223. There are some feature and compatibility differences that may make you wish to use these instead (especially if you have drive errors). It is recommended you try IOS249 first.
5. Start the Homebrew Channel and run Configurable USB Loader.

Preparing your hard drive

Your Wii games need to be installed to either a FAT partition or a WBFS partition on the drive. Most external drives come formatted as FAT32 and do not need to be reformatted for use with the loader. If you use a FAT partition, you can still use the drive for other non-Wii related storage. If you wish to format a drive to FAT, this tool is suggested (Windows only). GParted can also be used.

If choosing to use your FAT partition, ensure you add the \"partition=fat1\" option to config.txt. See Configurable Options for help on how to do this.

If you still want to create a separate WBFS partition on your drive, USB Loader will format the partition for you on startup, but you should do the following first:

* Ensure your drive has a partition you don\'t mind losing existing data from
* If you are unsure if your drive is ready, follow the instructions for partitioning with GParted

Using the Loader

* Your drive MUST be connected in the USB slot closer to the outside edge of the Wii.
* Push the + button to install a game from your Wii\'s Disc Drive to the USB drive
* Push the - button to delete games from the drive.
* Use A to play or 1 to enter the options menu of an installed game
* You can download covers for all your installed games at once in the options menu.
o Select the download all covers option and push D-pad right.
* Read README-CFG.txt in the zip file to see how to configure Configurable USB Loader to suit your needs

Updating Configurable USB Loader

With v35a6 and later, this can be done with your Wii online, or you can upgrade manually.
Online installation

1. Start Configurable USB Loader and push 1 twice to get to the Global Options screen.
2. Select Search for updates and push right on the D-pad.
3. A selection of versions will come up. Choose the one you want to install and push A.
4. The new version will download and install over the currently running version.
5. When complete, push any button to return to USB Loader.
6. Exit and restart the loader to try the new version.

Manual installation

1. Download new version
2. Replace sd:/apps/USBLoader/boot.dol with the .dol file of the latest version (rename if necessary).
* For .zip releases, boot.dol is located in inSDRoot/USBLoader/boot.dol from the zip file.
* For .dol releases, the dol file you downloaded is the file you need to rename.

My game doesn\'t work!

* USB Loader is not compatible with all games. E.g., games that reload the IOS will fail (see Problem Category 1 here)
o Some of these games can use the alternative .dol method to get them running.
* If you get an error mentioning 002, ensure you installed the latest version of Configurable USB Loader. Also ensure your IOS is IOS249 rev 13 or 14.

Configuring Configurable USB Loader

The Configurable Options page details all the things you can do to configure your loader, and explains the GAF theme settings. It also provides a configurator that allows you to set the options in a GUI interface. README-CFG.txt in the Cfg Loader zip file also contains a description of all the options and features.

* What are the difference between the 222 (e.g., cfg55-222.dol) and the 249 (e.g. cfg55.dol) versions?
+ The first IOS that is loaded is IOS222 instead of IOS249 (this is before config.txt is read)
+ The ios option has a default of 222-mload instead of 249.
+ The partition option has a default of FAT1 instead of WBFS1.
* Can I use this to play imported games from another region?
o Yes. Many will play normally, but if you have trouble, use the options menu to force video mode.
* Can I install my GameCube games to the drive and play them?
o There is currently no way to install Gamecube games. Only retail Wii games will work.
* Can I make a channel for Configurable USB Loader instead of loading via HBC?
o Yes. You need a Forwarder channel. However, be careful. Loading channels onto your Wii can be dangerous and you should probably backup with BootMii first.
* Can I give my games separate channels?
o Yes, but this is very dangerous and out of the scope of this tutorial.
* USB Loader is giving me an error about the drive when I start up.
o Follow the instructions for \"Preparing your hard drive\" above
* Can I make my games take up less space on the USB drive?
o Yes, by not installing the install partitions. Add the line \"install_partitions = only_game\" to the config.txt file. The install partitions contain data for Wii Updates and are not needed by any games at the time of writing.
* Every second game I play seems to crash during loading. What\'s wrong?
o This is a known bug with rev 13 of IOS249. Do not use the \"Wii Menu\" function on the Home menu to exit your games. Instead, use the reset option, or hold the power buttton on the Wii Remote to restart the console between playing different games.
* How do I get Wii Sports Resort working?
1. Run your original disc once to watch the Wii MotionPlus introduction video.
o If your Wii Sports Resort is from a different region or you don\'t want to upgrade your firmware, use a Region Free application to run the game this first time.
2. After the game has played the Wii MotionPlus video and started the rest of the game, you can then quit and play the game in USB Loader from then on.
3. Do not try to watch the video again, unless you use the disc or alternate .dol method.
* Super Smash Bros. Brawl keeps crashing.
o Dual layer games don\'t work well with IOS249 rev 14. Try using Hermes\' IOS222/223 or rev 15 of IOS249 to install and play the game.
* Metroid Prime Trilogy doesn\'t work.
o You\'ll need to use the alternate .dol method to play the games. You can\'t use IOS249 rev 14 to install MPT and/or play MP3 due to the dual layer bug, so make sure installation and playback is done with IOS249 rev 15 or Hermes\' IOS222/223.
* My instruments don\'t work in Rock Band/Guitar Hero/Other music game.
o Use Hermes\' IOS222/223 for these games.
* New Super Mario Bros. Wii doesn\'t work.
o Install v48b of Configurable USB Loader or later.
* I want to move games from a WBFS partition to a FAT partition
o Use the WBFS to FAT transfer method.

What Next?

* You can configure your Configurable USB Loader to suit your preferences.
* You can install a Forwarder for Configurable USB Loader to launch the application from the Wii Menu.
* You can install the Homebrew Browser to help find new homebrew applications.
* You can install a Region Free application to run Wii import games

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