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Downloads: Wii Media Center

Wii Media Center 1.2.2

WiiMC kann alle gängigen Video- und Audioformate auf SD und USB abspielen. Wiis mit älteren Laufwerken können Filme sogar über das Laufwerk abspielen.
Weitere Features des Wii Multimedia Centers sind z.B. ein FTP-Klient, ein SMB-Share, eine Update-Funktion, ein Optionsmenü und eine nette GUI, die man in der Farbe anpassen kann.

Wie gehabt muss vor dem Installieren von WiiMC sichergestellt werden, dass das IOS58 installiert wurde. Wiis mit der Firmware 4.3 enthalten das IOS58 bereits. Alle anderen müssen sich das IOS mit dem IOS58 Installer manuell installieren.

Die größte Änderung in dieser Version ist ein Fix der YouTube suche.
Ferner wurde bei WiiMC ein Sync auf MPlayer r34540 and ffmpeg a9bd29e15e8d durchgeführt.


[1.2.2 - January 14, 2012]

* Fixed YouTube search

[1.2.1 - January 14, 2012]

* Synced to MPlayer r34540 and ffmpeg a9bd29e15e8d
* Fixed HTTP bugs that made YouTube unstable
* Added thumbnails for YouTube
* Improved video resizing granularity (thanks eric!)
* Translation updates
* Other minor bug fixes

[1.2.0 - September 4, 2011]

* Synced to MPlayer r34053 and libav 5938e0218543
* Adjusted DVD drive ID detection - fixes drives that stopped working

[1.1.9 - August 26, 2011]

* Synced to MPlayer r34002
* New YouTube scraping code (thanks jhb50!)
* Fixed problem with some subtitles not appearing
* Added support for subtitles over FTP
* Added chunk support in HTTP protocol
* Added Bulgarian translation
* Other minor bug fixes

[1.1.8 - May 17, 2011]

* Synced to MPlayer r33269
* Added Danish translation
* Clicking on a browser file already loaded will now resume instead of reload
* Faster loading of online streams
* Fixed a bug with some MMS streams
* Improved network initialization - now you can unplug/plug USB ethernet
* Fixed a potential crash caused by the audio code
* Improved memory management
* Other minor optimizations and improvements

[1.1.7 - April 16, 2011]

* Fixed a bug that caused a crash if Aspect Ratio was not set to Auto

[1.1.6 - April 14, 2011]

* Synced to MPlayer r33122
* Fixed an issue with music playlist queuing
* Fixed an issue playing a music playlist with a picture slideshow
* Fixed a bug that caused some MMS streams not to work
* Fixed a bug that caused WiiMC to crash with a malformed restore_points file
* Added a setting to write a debug log to SD - set "debug" to "1"
* Video rendering corrections and optimizations
* Translation updates

[1.1.5 - March 25, 2011]

* Synced to MPlayer r33036
* Fixed Inactivity Shutdown feature
* Fixed plain playlist support
* Added support for encrypted DVDs for USB DVD drives (thanks clava!)
* Fixed network initialization for some USB LAN adapters
* Other minor changes

[1.1.4 - March 4, 2011]

* Synced to MPlayer r32994
* Fixed crash in Online Media area
* Fixed crashes on ogg and mp4 files
* Fixed YouTube support
* Added Inactivity Shutdown setting
* Added separate settings to change backward/forward skip
* Improved memory management
* Other minor changes

[1.1.3 - February 19, 2011]

* Synced to MPlayer r32866
* Fixed crash for some USB drives
* Added option to change screensaver delay
* Fixed incorrect warning about picture sizes being > 6MB
* Improved network initialization routines
* Improved subtitle scaling calculations
* Improved shutdown - if WiiMC fails to shut down within 5 seconds, shutdown
will be forced
* Experimental USB DVD drive support (thanks clava!)
* Other minor optimizations and improvements

[1.1.2 - January 29, 2011]

* Synced to MPlayer r32815
* Fixed broken audio/subtitle switching
* Fixed "Exception (Alignment)" crash
* Changed from mpg123 to ffmp3 (fixes some audio-related problems)
* Added ext 2/3/4 support
* USB compatibility improvements
* Improved performance (enabled 64-byte fetch mode for the L2 cache)
* Large file (> 4GCool support
* Fixed relative playlist paths
* Paired-singles enhancements (thanks Extrems!)
* Added IOS whitelist - a warning will now appear if you are not using IOS58 or
* Disable dvdnav over SMB (it's too slow!)
* Added Tamil translation (thanks dpandian!)
* Other minor optimizations and bug fixes

[1.1.1 - December 16, 2010]

* Synced to MPlayer r32709
* Fixed image stuttering and audio sync issues
* Fixed pointer alignment on DVD menus
* Added ISO/IFO DVD playback, with DVD menu support
* Added screen resizing while watching a video via the Wiimote. Just hold down
B and use the arrow keys (thanks clava!)
* Performance optimizations using paired singles (thanks Extrems!)
* Improved USB compatibility
* Added support for playlist files in the Videos and Music areas
* Enable negative subtitle delay values
* Replace libmp3 with libmpg123. Fixes a number of MP3 audio bugs
* Added a setting to change the starting area
* New JPG scaler for the Picture Viewer (thanks puddles!)
* Display artist and song on separate lines for SHOUTcast (thanks jhb50!)
* Added settings for YouTube quality and caching for online media
* Subtitle autoscaling
* Added a delay on startup so those with slow USB drives are not bumped back to
the main browser list
* Shifted all GUI elements inwards to fix left/right cropping occuring on 16:9
for some people
* Fixed a Picture Viewer crash
* Fixed lowercase bug for NTFS
* Many other minor fixes and improvements

[1.1.0 - October 8, 2010]

* Synced to MPlayer r32341
* Fixed a crash that happened if your router was turned off
* Fixed "blank listing" issue for SMB
* Improved memory management, resulting in improved performance
* Improved USB compatibility and speed
* USB bug fixes
* NTFS bug fixes
* Fixed audio sync regression from 1.0.9
* Change YouTube default to 480p
* Fixed "vanishing pointer" issue when watching CPU-intensive videos
* Improved shuffle for music
* Channel updated (improved USB compatibility)
* Other miscellaneous bug fixes/improvements

[1.0.9 - August 18, 2010]

* Fixed a bug that caused NTFS drives not to show up

[1.0.8 - August 17, 2010]

* Improved USB mounting and updated channel. Should hopefully help those who
are receiving the "Could not find a valid SD or USB device" message
* Improved network initialization

[1.0.7 - August 15, 2010]

* IOS 202 support removed
* USB 2.0 support via IOS 58 added - requires that IOS58 be pre-installed
* WiiMC channel updated - requires IOS58 and does NOT require a cIOS to install
Thanks to megazig and svpe for help with this
* DVD support via AHBPROT - requires latest HBC or latest WiiMC channel
* Synced to MPlayer r31961
* YouTube support (thanks to lukegb and ataraxis for some help)
* Picture zoom, rotate, pan, auto-rotate via exif data (thanks ataraxis!)
* Fixed seeking for local FLV files
* Fixed black-screen video issue with videos having widths over 1024
* Fixed playback of MKV files
* New YUV->RGB conversion in TEV for videos up to 720p (thanks sepp256!)
* Restrict video loading to 720p (1280x720)
* Enable caching of DVD CSS keys. They are written to the 'css' folder
(created automatically).
* Fixed playback of files with mono sound
* Fixed issue with HTTP over-buffering
* Other minor improvements/corrections

[1.0.6 - July 21, 2010]

* Reverted USB2 changes
* Synced to MPlayer r31761
* Fixed display of radio stream information
* Other minor changes

[1.0.5 - July 14, 2010]

* Synced to MPlayer r31641
* Added volume control in Music area
* Added option to hide DVD functionality from the UI
* UTF-8 SMB support
* Ability to use both USB ports (requires updated IOS 202 - WARNING: older
versions of IOS 202 are NO LONGER supported)
* Increase max SMB shares to 9
* Fixed sleep timer
* Added "Now Playing" to screensaver
* Disable screensaver while slideshow is active
* Increased video auto-play limit from 20 to 50
* MMS support (thanks denper!)
* Improved online stream display (thanks gazstone!)
* New SHOUTcast support (WARNING: updating will overwrite your onlinemedia.xml
to install new links - backup your old links if necessary)
* Audio language setting
* Jump to and highlight folder when going up one level
* Highlight file when returning to menu
* Save settings when power button is used
* Added option to use static folder locations
* Display parent directory beside Up One Level
* Improved restore points behavior
* Other miscellaneous improvements/corrections
* Language updates

[1.0.4 - June 3, 2010]

* Subtitle color/size adjustment
* Added checkmark next to viewed files
* Added sleep timer
* Improved device mounting
* Improved stability
* Fixed artifacts issue with online media files (VP6 codec)
* Synced to MPlayer r31303
* Added option to auto-play next video
* Add GIF image viewing
* More codepages added
* Thumbnail support for online media (Navi-X)
* Hide folders beginning with '.' and '$'
* Added screensaver
* Add ability to view PNG's over 1024x1024
* Added theme color options
* Add more seek time options
* Language updates

[1.0.3 - May 12, 2010]

* Fixed issue with browser reloading
* Fixed freeze on seek issue
* Fixed a back-to-menu freeze
* Changed stereo downmixing
* Added codepages
* Translation updates (and added Hungarian and Polish translations)
* Other minor changes

[1.0.2 - May 8, 2010]

* Significant changes to improve stability
* Significant improvements to video performance
* Frame dropping now disabled by default (change it to Disabled in the Video
settings to improve performance if you are updating from a previous version)
* Corrections to device mounting code (fixes crashes on startup)
* Translations to the following languages: Japanese, German, French, Spanish,
Italian, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean,
Romanian, Estonian, and Brazilian Portuguese
* Video scaling issues fixed
* Audio static bug at EOF fixed
* Fixed issues with radio streams
* Fixed DVD issues
* Improvements to settings loading code
* FF/RW time is now configurable
* Friendly names now shown for playlists
* Radio stream information now shown in the now playing area
* Allowed file extensions list expanded
* ASS subtitle file support added
* Added settings for subtitle language and codepage
* Other various bugfixes and improvements

[1.0.1 - April 18, 2010]

* Fixed NTFS crashes
* Fixed Navi-X search, audio files work in Navi-X now
* Added Down button to switch audio stream, Up is now to switch subtitles
* Added FTP port setting
* Fixed potential picture viewer crashes
* Fixed some pause/resume issues
* Fixed some cache issues

[1.0.0 - April 16, 2010]

* Initial release

YouTube Video


16. Januar 2012

Downloads: 272

Version: 1.2.2

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#1 | Alf345 am 19. Februar 2012
Der Player ist Gut. Sprache Deutsch. Spielt folgende geteste Formate ab:

Video = *.divX, *. avi, *. flv, *.wmv, *.mp4, *.f4v, *.mpg,

[ *.mov (mit probleme, mal ohne Ton, mal ohne Bild)]

Musik = *.mp3, *.wav

Bilder = *.jpg, *.png

Die Endung *.tif wird nicht unterstützt. Die Endung *.gif führt zum sofortigen absturtz der Wii.

!!!!!!!! Bilder mit einer größe von mehr als 6 MB werden nicht angezeigt (d.h. z.B. Bilder im Format *.bmp da diese in der Regel weit mehr als 10 MB haben !!!!!

Die DVD Wiedergabe konnte ich mit meiner Wii (Rote Version) nicht testet, da diese nicht in der Lage ist Film DVD´s Wieder zu geben. Die Alten bzw. die ersten Wii Versionen sollen angeblich dies unterstützen.

Die Online Media Daten laufen ohne Probleme. Zugriff auf YouTube in ganz einfacher Form. Videos und Musik laufen ohne Probleme.

Der Zugriff auf Online Radio hat nur auf 1 von 3 Sendern geklappt.

Das Programm ist also gut zu empfehlen für den dessen Wii nicht alle Format abspielt. Bravo
#2 | sundancer123 am 01. Januar 2014
in welchen Ordner der SD Karte muss ich das installieren?
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