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Downloads: ModMii

ModMii 4.7.0

ModMii ist ein interaktiver Download-Wizard, der ein Softmodden einer Wii via Multiple-Choice-Verfahren für Anfänger ermöglicht. Er ist legal da er keine illegalen, urheberrechtlich geschützten Dateien beinhaltet. Es wird Windows32 und eine Internetverbindung am PC benötigt.

Das Programm generiert nun cIOS-Dateien, die mit Erkennungs-Informationen für USB-Loader und andere Programme signiert sind. ModMii ist nicht mehr abhängig von von crediar kompilierten SNEEK-Dateien, denn diese werden nun aus einem anderen Repository bezogen. Dies garantiert immer die aktuelle SNEEK-Version beim Installieren von SNEEK.

Die Version 4.7.0 beinhaltet neben kleinen Änderungen und einem Code-Cleanup den Support für den neuen LetterBomb Exploit. Daneben wurden neue Apps hinzugefügt bzw. vorhandene entfernt, ersetzt oder aktualisiert.
Weitere Infos im Changelog.

Eine Ausführliche Anleitung gibt es auf der Offiziellen Homepage!

YouTube Video

4.7.0 Changelog

Added Letterbomb support.
Changed how System Menu themes are constructed. It now uses scooby74029's cmd
line version of Leathl's Theme Mii. This allows themes to be created more
quickly and without having to download as much. Also added an option to change
the "Channel Effect" of themes; you can choose from No-Spin, Spin and Fast-Spin.
Updated MyMenuify to MyMenuifyMod v1.3 (by IceFire and scooby74029) and
System Menu themes are now saved to "ModThemes" instead of "MyMenuify_Themes".
DarkWii Green Korean themes updated with a cosmetic fix to the disc channel.
Added Dios Mios Lite (DML) and No More Memory (NMM) support when building an
emulated nand for SNEEK+DI. cBC WADs for both can be found on Download Page 1.
Updated Wiimm's Wit.exe to support gamecube game bulk extraction in addition
to Wii games.
hy.exe and unrar.exe are no longer bundled with ModMii due to a licensing conflict.
Updated to libwiisharp and patchios by scooby74029 to address false-positive
virus detection. He also added Version Patch support to patchios.
All patched IOSs now include the Version Patch (including IOS236).
The Version patch has been added as an option to the Advanced Downloads
section for applicable IOSs.
Added Forwarder DOLISO builder to the Advanced Downloads Page. ModMii is
able to created SDUSB Forwarders, URL Forwarders and Channel Forwarders.
Added WADs for Hermes cIOS v5.1 Mod by Rodries to Download Page 4 and
Advanced Downloads.
Removed cIOS202[57]-v5, cIOS223[57]-v5 and cIOS224[37]-v5 from Download Page 4.
These cIOSs can still be constructed using ModMii's Advanced Downloads feature.
Changed recommended cIOS 202/222/224 from 202[57]-v5, 222[38]-v5 and 224[57]-v5 to 202[60]-v5.1R, 222[38]-v4 and 224[57]-v5.1R.
Rewrote how cIOSs are signed and patched with the Korean Common Key.
The output is the same as before but the new method is a lot faster.
Removed the "Hexedit" option since the new method of signingpatching cIOSs
should not be problematic for anyone.
Updated ModMii's Download Log; it now displays a download summary and any
problematic downloads can easily be identified by red text.
Updated the usbloader, switch2uneek and Joyflow forwarders from v9 to v11.
Added WiiGSC (aka. Crap), ShowMiiWads, Customize Mii, syscheck and syscheckgx
to Download Page 2.
Removed cIOS and cMIOS Installers from Download Page 2.
When downloading both BannerBombv1 and BannerBombv2, BannerBombv2 will now be saved to a "private2" folder instead of overwriting BannerBombv1.
Common-Key.bin is now created automatically if missing when building an
emulated nand instead of requiring the user to manually enter "45e".
Updated the wording in the ModMii Wizard to be more clear.
The ModMii Wizard will now also download the "BootMii" folder so users do not
need to use the Hackmii Installer to "prepare an SD Card".
Updated Credits section.
Other minor changes and code clean-up.
Now pleasing your Wii more than you ever could.

4.6.1 Changelog

Fixed bug where under specific circumstances non-d2x cIOSs were
sometimes signed with d2x-beta details.
Warning: May result in tears of joy.

4.6.0 Changelog

ModMii and the ModMii Installer have new icons by WiiShizzza.
Thanks to everyone who submitted a ModMii iconlogo candidate.
d2x cIOSs updated to d2x v6 - "IOS Reload Block: The Ultimate Solution".
Added support for multiple d2x-beta's.
New modules and the d2x-beta.bat file should now be saved here in order for
ModMii v4.6.0+ to use it: modulesMore-cIOSs{ANY FOLDER NAME}.
Inside the "More-cIOSs" folder u can save as many d2x-beta folders as you
like (ie. "d2x v7 final", "d2x v8 beta1", etc.). Switch between different
d2x cIOS beta's by typing "beta" on download pages containing cIOSs.
It will load a menu asking the user to decide which d2x beta folder to use.
The old method of saving new modules and the d2x-beta.bat file
to modulesd2x-beta is still supported.
The Korean Key patch was added to ALL the cIOSs ModMii builds that do not
use IOS38 as base. This will allow non-Korean Wii's to load Korean games.
All cIOSs ModMii builds are now signed with cIOS details
(previously only d2x cIOSs were signed).
Note to developers: merged base IOS37+38 is signed as base IOS75 (37+38).
Advanced Custom Downloads now support batch downloads instead of being limited
to one advanced download at a time. Advanced downloads can be saved to download
queues. When loading download queue's containing d2x cIOSs, ModMii will update
the queue with the d2x cIOS version information ModMii is currently set up to
construct. For example, if you load a download queue containing
cIOS248[56]-d2x-v6-[v65535], but you have since configured ModMii to construct
d2x v7-beta1 cIOSs, ModMii will automatically update the download queue to
construct cIOS248[56]-d2x-v7-beta1-[v65535]. This means you can create a
download queue containing d2x cIOSs, and re-use the same download queue
even as the d2x cIOSs get updated.
Changed the naming convention for new slot numbers when building Advanced
Custom cIOS Downloads. For example, if the slot was changed to 248, the WAD
will be named cIOS248x instead of cIOS249x-slot248.
Added option to disable hex editing signatures and the Korean Key patch when
building cIOSs. Default setting is enabled, and it should only be changed in
rare cases when a PC cannot Hex Edit cIOSs properly even after performing windows
updates. Warning, if disabled ModMii will not validate cIOSs but they should
still work except loaders will be unable to detect the version of the installed
cIOS and the default option "Block IOS Reload = AUTO" won't work with Configurable
USB-Loader and USB-Loader GX. Additionally Non-Korean Wii's will not be able to
load Korean games.
Added two new settings to option "1"; the four settings are now as follows:
A) Do not Keep 00000001 or NUS Folders for IOSsMIOSsSMs etc (default)
Cool Keep 00000001 Folder for IOSsMIOSsSMs etc (Useful for offline usage of Wii
Apps like Dop-Mii)
C) Keep NUS0000001000000##v# Folder for IOSsMIOSsSMs etc (Useful for offline
usage of Wii Apps like d2xHermes cIOS Installers)
D) Keep NUS0000001000000##v# and 00000001 Folder for IOSsMIOSsSMs etc
Improved the update check for ModMii and the ModMii Installer. There should no
longer be any lag between the time an update is released and ModMii detects it.
Priiloader has been updated from v0.4 - 236 Mod to v0.7 - 236 Mod.
Note, Priiloader v0.4 is still the version that is installed to emulated nands
for suneek.
Updated the JAP version of the Tales of Symphonia Eri Hakawai Exploit.
It now has 2 game saves to support each of the different versions of the JAP game
and the ModMii guides have been updated accordingly. Thanks giantpune!
Code clean up, optimization and other minor changes.
ModMii is now compatible with the WiiU.


Autoit is no longer bundled with ModMii, instead it will downloaded
and saved to the temp folder in order to build s/uneek.


All d2x cIOSs (even beta cIOSs) are now signed with descriptive info so
loaders can more efficiently detect what cIOSs are installed.
ModMii now builds s/uneek using the latest compiled modules on the
sneeky-compiler google code webpage.
Modmii can now beat the games you have trouble with!
Just sit back and relax with Modmii's new superior gaming skills.
Currently only supports Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess.
Other minor changes.


26. August 2011

Downloads: 144

Version: 4.7.0

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